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Delineate - Say It To Me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ooooh Aaaah


Delineate [Dec. 4th, 2008|04:24 am]
Say It To Me


Hello all... I'm new here. Thanks for creating this community here as I was beginning to think I was "alone in the universe" with my romantic (in every sense) love of words, names, fonts, letters, and other language elements...

My favorite thing ever is the word in my user picture, but I won't be creating an entry for her anytime soon as nothing I could ever say about her could really ever be good enough for her.

Anyway, the word I am posting about right now is 'Delineate'...

'Delineate' basically means to 'outline with accuracy'.

For the Dictionary.com definition, please click [Here], and to hear a Franklin bes-1840 English/Spanish dictionary saying this rather sexy word, please click [Here]. (Isn't her voice wonderful?)

I'm not good at explaining why I love words, but I do have very strong feelings for both 'Del' and 'Line', which goes a long way toward explaning why I like this word... I tend to be more into the appearance of words than their sound, but I do enjoy both, especially in this case...

- Dave

P.S. Just as a suggestion, the words "linguaphilia", "logophilia", etc might be good to add to the 'interests' for this community... Those were some of the search terms I used to attempt to find places like this... And I'd like to give special thanks to the folks on 'grammargasm' for telling me about this place :-)